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T-Shirts, Posters, Stickers & Pins!

Oh my!

Introducing the band's new collectable poster!

11"x17" (27.94 x 43.18cm) and are only $5 each!

And we have stickers too!  Only .$1 for 3!

Don't forget the buttons!  $2 each!

Acrylic pins are $5 each!

How do I buy your merch, you ask?  Easy.  Head on over to the contact page and drop us a line.  We'll make payment and shipping arrangements easy!

Your support is appreciated and every little bit helps!

BTSH T's & Hats!

You want 'em; we got 'em!  Comfy cotton T's you can rock in!

We would be so honoured if you were to purchase our t-shirts or hats (or both), and other merch, showing your support for independent music!  If you'd like to order, just click on the CONTACT and we'll arrange easy payment and shipping!  $15 for t-shirts, $10 for a hat.